Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Poison Bottles & Canvas

Good evening everyone! Yes,  I'm still creating Halloween stuff :).  I took 3 bottles that I bought for a quarter a piece at Hobby Lobby.  I used stuff from my stash and I  played around with my soldering iron.  I just love creating stuff with canvas.  I sprayed the metal numbers with alcohol inks and glued them to pattern paper.  Something different.  For the last canvas, I think it's fun to think that this family is descendants from one of the first families of Salem, MA.  I love old pictures and cabinet cards.  When my sister and I are at an antique shop and we come across old photos, we make up are own stories about them.  Have a great night ladies!


julie said...

These are fabulous Kelly! Truly, the best looking potion bottles I've seen. Wish we had a hobby lobby near us. Seems everyone finds such great things there.

Little Pink Studio said...

Your bottles turned out great!
Love them!