Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi everyone!  I'm finally back to blogging after a too long of a hiatus.  The good news is that I started a new job!  More money and more duties that are more suited toward my degree.  I finally feel like a have a "career" now!  I'm a job coach/job developer for special education students.  I loved my old job as a special education assistant, but unfortunately the school districts around here just don't want to pay aides and assistants the money they deserve!  My husband and I have also been working on the house.  We want to sell in the next two years, so we've been painting and putting new floors upstairs.  My "craft" room has a new floor, paint, shelves, sheers, and shades.  It looks so pretty now!  I'll post pictures later.  

I started a garden journal a few months back and my first "to do" in my new room is to get caught up with projects and get my swaps done.  This garden journal has my thinking about spring already!  How many are sooooooo ready for spring?