Thursday, May 24, 2012

Collage Pieces

I'm really trying to use the supplies I have already.  I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic in my craft room.  Too much stuff and not enough time creating with it.  WHY WHY WHY IS THERE NOT ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY!!!!!!  I have some stuff on my table that didn't really have a place, so I made some collage pieces.  I used a chipboard mini album for the Eiffel Tower background, a piece of mica and other misc. stuff that was just lying around.  For the other 2 pieces I just painted the canvas, applied scrapbook paper and added the cute fabric embellishments.  DONE!  Now I just have to start cracking on those 3 atc's for Kimberly's swap!

Monday, May 21, 2012

For the Love of Bottles!

Ok, I love bottles!  It doesn't matter if it's an old medicine bottle or a bottle I bought at Michael's with a 40% off coupon.  Bottles are just fun to alter!  What's even more fun is finding something to attach to the top.  I love Christmas time, because ornaments are perfect for the top of bottle.  On the smaller bottles below, I attached little porcelain Smith Hawkin bird house ornaments I found at Target.  The bigger bottle has a painted wood bird house that you can find at Michael's right now.  All three bottles are from Michael's.  If anyone else loves to alter bottles, please let me know, I would love to take a peek at your own altered bottles!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hello everyone!  I have been busy with swaps and I just wanted to share some of the things I have created and some of the lovely things that were created for me.   Thanks for looking!

First up was a crackle box swap for the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group.  This is what I created for Bobbi Ann Cook.

This is the gorgeous box Bobbi Ann created for me.  I love the bird and the French graphic.

I participated in an April in Paris atc swap that the ever so talented Kimberly hosted.  Please check out her blog ArtJoyStuff, to sign up for one of her atc swaps.

These are the April in Paris atc's that I made.

These are the atc's that I received from six talented ladies!

The last swap I participated in was an altered key swap that was hosted by the super talented Tee.  Check her blog out The Altered Paper.  Tee is always hosting all kinds of fun swaps!

These are the keys that I made for my swap partners Valeryanne and Donna.

This is the lovely and magical key I received from Valeryanne.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Journal

I love making these garden journals, they are definitely one of my favorite things to create!  It's so much fun to go through the stash and pull out all of the little things that fellow gardeners and garden admirers would like.  Has anyone done any gardening yet?  I have a boatload of stuff to plant.   I started yesterday and I was actually having a good time getting my hands dirty, until a mouse scurried in front of me!  Ick!

I'm thinking about putting this up for sale in my etsy shop if anyone is interested.