Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Hi!  I hope everyone is having a nice summer!  I'm feeling kind of lost and in limbo with my creativity right now.  I've been in a funk lately and I'm hoping it goes away SOON!  Sometimes it seems like a chore just to blog, create, etc.................... Does anyone else feel like that sometimes?  I've been checking out all of your inspiring blogs and it's helps somewhat.....  PLEASE someone, anyone have any advice out there?  I did create these canvases with stuff that I had in my misc. bucket.  I like how they turned out, especially the cherub that I patinaed myself.  


Katherine said...

Oh these are darling! :D Just so sweet!


JansArtyJunk said...

These are fab Kelly...I especially like the little cherub one...
I find that when my creative mojo decides to take a little holiday...I join in with some online swaps / craft challenges to give it a kick-start again...
Jan x

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Kelly,
These are so sweet!
I think we all fall into these slumps.
You are already doing what I do, I just grab a box of "just begun" projects or go to my scrap pile and just make something, anything really and before I know it "I'm back."
hugs & JOY,

Lynn Stevens said...

Wonderful creations! I too get in the same funk at times. Sometimes visiting blogs or thumbing through a magazine will get my mojo going again.
hugs Lynn