Monday, May 25, 2015

Photos From the Yard

Hi.  I hope everyone had a nice weekend!  I'm just sharing a few photos of the yard that were taken last week.  I hope to get some photos of the backyard this week!  Have a wonderful week!

Baby robins that flew the nest a few days after this photo was taken.  I waited a few days to make sure they didn't come back and I moved the dead basket with the beautiful nest, still intact, to a tree in the backyard.  Hopefully it will be used again.  It wouldn't surprise me if a mama dove takes it over.

Front porch.  I think it's going to be the last year I'll be able to use the pyramid.  It's literally on it's last leg due to rust.  I had to paint it with Rust-Oleum.  I love the vintage swan planter I got for a few bucks at a flea market last year.

I saw this Medusa plaque at the Elizabethan Gardens in North Carolina last year and I had to have her.  She's so cool and really makes a statement!

I bought this cute fox planter at Pier 1 for $9.99 and the fake mushroom collection is one of my favorites.

Cute gnome with some new purple coneflower plantings.

More mushrooms.

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Some Pretty Things To Share

Hi everyone!  It's been awhile since I posted (sigh).  Gardening and outside stuff having eating my time up.  I'm sure it's the same story for everyone else!  I'm not complaining, I love to plant and pot flowers, because it takes my mind somewhere else and I created a lovely butterfly garden which turned out so cute.  I share photos later.  Anyway, I have been doing a little bit of creating, particularly right before bed.  Not sure why, but I get a second wind around 9-10 o'clock pm.  Is it me or does anyone else get that "second wind?"  :) Below are a few creations for challenges and swaps that I participated in.  Have a wonderful week and thanks for looking!

The card below is what I made for this month's Lunagirl Moonbeams challenge.  The theme is "mother."

I also participated in my first pocket letter swap!  This is so much fun!  This swap was hosted by the  Lunagirl Facebook Page.  If you're interested in swapping pocket letters, click on the Lunagirl link and the Facebook link will be in that post.  The theme was "Fabulous Faces."  My swap swap partner was Corinne.  Below is the gorgeous pocket letter she created for me.

This is what I created for Corinne.

I'm also sharing three weeks of Tag Tuesday tags.  The tags are "holes", "wildflowers" and "music."

I also created another tag with some scrap stickers that I had know idea what to do with, so I created this cute tag.

I'm linking my post up to Stephanie's beautiful and inspirational Roses of Inspiration Linkup #20.  There's always beauty and inspiration to be found on Stephanie's blog, so please take a peek!