Monday, August 31, 2015

Completed Projects

Good afternoon!  I completed some projects over the weekend and I thought I would share!  As always, thanks to all of you wonderful people that come over to say hi and take the time to leave your wonderful comments!

Below is a card I completed for Lunagirl Moonbeams August challenge.  The August challenge theme was "Animals."

ICAD - Index Card A Day

ICAD - Index Card A Day

Tag Tuesday.  The theme that was 2 weeks ago was "Net." 

Tag Tuesday.  Last week's theme was "Jewelry."  I added a little bling to her hair, ears and dress.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Swaps & Challenges (Picture Heavy)

Hi friends!  I haven't been blogging much lately (I've truly missed visiting your blogs!).  I've been out of town and playing catch-up with household stuff before going back to work.  Below are some of the swaps and challenges I participated in before I left for vacation.  Thanks for coming over to say hi!
These are the atc's I made for Kimberly's (ArtJoyStuff) grunge atc swap.  I made an extra one for Kimberly.

These awesome grunge atc's are what I received back from the following talented ladies (left to right).  Maggie, Sylvia and Sherry.

Pocket letter I made for my swap partner.

Adorable Pocket letter I received from Kim Overkamp (no blog).

Four ICAD's (Index Card A Day)

Two weeks of tags I made for Tag Tuesday.



I found the cute charm in the middle of the canvas below at Hobby Lobby on clearance.  I couldn't pass it up for 99 cents!  I painted the canvas, glued the charm in the middle and added flowers and glitter.  It's just something cute to put in my craft room.

I'm a big Nikola Tesla fan.  I ordered a 4th of July tee shirt from an etsy shop named The Mighty Squirm and they sent along, with the tee, an awesome Tesla postcard.  I had to do something with it, so I made a tesla collage on a burlap panel.  It's another little creation for the craft room.